KAURAVA KUNDA – Full Moon Night Trek

  1. Trek Destination: Kaurava Kunda
  2. Difficulty: Easy
  3. Trek Distance/Time Taken: 120 minutes (One way)
  4. Time to Visit: The cooler months of September to February are the best time to trek in Kaurava Kunda as you can find clouds beneath you, which is a nice experience. It can get very hot in summer days, and should be avoided. The rainy months make the granite rocks very slippery and dangerous.
  5. How To Reach: The best way to reach Kaurava Kunda from Bangalore is by bus from Majestic. There are number of buses from Majestic throughout the day. Take bus from Platform No. 12 which goes till Chikkaballapur. It takes 90-120 minutes to reach Chikkabalapur. One can also reach by driving. Take the Airport road via Hebbal. Just before the airport, take the road which is going towards Hyderabad. After sometime you have to take a right to reach Chikkabalapur town.
  6. Other Options: Day trek is also done in Kaurava Kunda.
  7. About: Less known place to trek, Kaurava Kunda is an amazing 2-joined peaks visible where views of the valley and adjoining peaks can be seen. It is located in Hariharpura Village, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka.
  8. Suggestion: It could be very cold at night if doing a night trek. Don’t forget to carry warm clothes and a sleeping bag.

Pack Bag with –

  • 2 litres of water (Mandatory)
  • Raincoat/Poncho (During monsoon)
  • Cap/Hat
  • High energy-giving food & drinks  like Snickers, glucose etc. (Mandatory)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Shoe with good grip (Mandatory)
  • Sunscreen Lotion (Optional)
  • Tissue papers (Avoid carrying plastic)
  • Sleeping Bag (Mandatory)
  • Torch (Mandatory)
  • Sweater/Jacket (Mandatory during Night Trek)

Our Journey Starts: Me along with my friend Niloy and Sandeep planned to go for this trek as soon as we see the notification from Bangalore Ascenders. We all applied for the same trek instantly. The meeting point was the Santhala Silk Store at Majestic at 8.45PM . We reached there well ahead of time. We finished our dinner there and came at the meeting point on time. Being Monsoon, the entire day is dampened by rain. In the evening, it was just a drizzle, but it was determined not to stop. Whatever the weather is, we were all very excited as this is our first night trek. So even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirit. All BASC members started to come gradually. Finally all the 17 members came by 9.15PM and started journey which was being navigated by Patrick. Just opposite to the meeting point is Majestic Bus Terminus Platform -12. We went there and found buses are available for Chikkaballapur quite frequently (in every 15 minutes possibly). We boarded the bus at 9.15 PM which started at 9.30PM. Bus fare is also less, approximately Rs.60 per head. It took 90 minutes by bus at night to reach Chikkaballapur. From the Bus stand, the trek base is quite far. We walked briskly for 5km to reach the base. It was night. It was full moon (next day is Rakhi Poornima). By that time, rain has stopped. It’s a perfect mood for a night trek now. Two Owl welcomed us on our visit with a cheerful note. After walking for 20 mins., Patrick stopped us at a Cross-road and asked to introduce ourselves. The ambience was so nice there. It was reminding me of the last scene of the movie “Cast Away”. We all introduced ourselves. Once it is done, again Patrick showed us the way using his GPS in phone. Finally we reached the base which took approximately 45 minutes.Started trek from the base Villagers often restrict trekkers to go up at night if there are any female members. Luckily, may be this time no one noticed and no one interrupted our journey. So without taking any rest, we started to climb up the hill from the base. After climbing a small distance, we stopped near a Shiva temple for rest. After a quick rest, we started our journey again. The trail was challenging, still easy. All are so focused with torch in hand. In this trek for the first time, I have seen majority of girls were actually quick and heading the way. View of the city at Night from the Hill-TopAfter a trek of 2 hours, we reached our destination at 2.30 AM. We reached a plateau with a temple ruin on it. We rested there for a while. Shared Karachi biscuit…Sorry had to fight for the Karachi biscuit as everyone plunged for it. It was fun though. The view of the town from the hill-top is magnificent at night. A series of light from the base saying “You are not alone at the top. We are down here and looking at you”. It’s an amazing feeling. Then all went to gather small branches to build a Campfire. All came back after sometime with good number of amenities to build campfire. As it rained early in the day and the branches were CampFirequite wet, Campfire idea turned out to be a completely flop. Still, we still enjoyed the Campfire for 5 minutes or till the time it was there. As we reached the camping site, People who had brought their sleeping bags, braved enough to spend the night at the Kaurav Kunda peak. As time and energy dropped by, temperature dropped viciously too. Full Moon NightMost of them were sleeping like a baby in a sleeping bag except 4 of us including me as we didn’t have a sleeping bag. I covered myself with multiple Body warmer. Clouds were passing by us asking “Are you feeling Cold?”. We were waiting for the morning badly. We four members had some political discussions and discussion on corporate life stress. At 5.15AM in the morning, which we were badly waiting for, finally came, and started to move towards the Sun-rise point. The view Beautiful Sky During SunRisewas magnificent there. It was like we are standing among clouds. Gusty wind blowing across giving a hilly feeling. We had a photo-session there. Missed out on the sun-rise as it was too cloudy. However, we have cherished the colour changes in the sky. From mild blue, it changed to fiery red in moments. Then we assembled at the camping point had some snacks which we were carrying like chocolates, cakes, etc. and decided to come down. We started to come down exactly from the other side of the hill. This side was very easy. Nobody   fIMG_1147aced much challenges while coming down. It took an hour to climb down.While climbing down, we came acrossed some lovely flowers and orchids.IMG_1151 Finally, we reached the hill base at 9 AM. From there, we took a walk between the Ragi cultivation field to reach the main road. Once reached the main road, we found there is no transport to reach Chikkaballapur. People were quote tired enough to walk for another 5km. So we started to walk from there to reach a nearby village, from where we can get transport to the main town Chikkabalapur. Once we reached the village, we got Auto as planned. 17 people boarded 3 autos. Some were sitting on someone’s lap. Autowala charged Rs. 30 per head for just 3 KM. Finally we reached Chikkabalapur. There we had nice breakfast at “Hotel Shree Gurudarshan”. Food was really good there. I was so hungry, that I had two plates of Poori and Sabji. Once breakfast is done, we started to move towardIMG_1179s the Bus Stand. It took 10 minutes to reach there and got a bus waiting to depart. But the bus was full and not a single seat was vacant. We had to leave that bus and wait for the next one. After a wait of 5 minutes, a bus came. We boarded the bus as soon as it came to the bus-stop. The bus started at 10.30AM. It came to Hebbal at 11.30 AM where four of us got down along with me. The remaining 13 people continued their journey till Majestic. From there, they all departed towards their own individual destination. We all had a good fun there with a nice team. Cherished every bit. Gained new experience, Seen some magnificent views, enjoyed a lot. In a nut-shell, it was great. Don’t miss any chance to trek at Kaurava Kunda. I would suggest going for a night trek here in a full moon. Keep your Calendar handy while planning and happy trekking. Enjoy !!!

Click Here To View All Pics of Kaurava Kunda Trek


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    1. There is no proper parking. But one can park easily and I feel it’s safe. We parked our cars too. Villagers look for things like chips and biscuits and might demand also.


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