• Trek Destination: Bananthimari Betta
  • Visited On: 12th July 2014
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trek Distance/Time Taken: 60 minutes (One way)
  • Time to Visit: Any time.
  • How To Reach: Personal or hired Car is required to reach to the base of the hill from Banashankari via Kanankpura Road
  •  About: The unique trail of Bananthimari Betta will take you on the trek of a life time. This route climbs up a hill with the most picturesque  valley and a stream that rolls down its slope. Located between the villages of Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli, 3 kilometers from Kanakapura town and just off the highway to Mysore, the hillock duo of Bananthimari is a scrubby beauty. Surrounding are stretches of dry fields and dusty desert-like bush.

“Bananthi” means Mother who is nursing a new born, and the “Mari” means the violent goddess.

  • Pack Bag with –
  1. 2 litres of water (Mandatory)
  2. Raincoat/Poncho (During monsoon)
  3. Cap/Hat
  4. High energy-giving food & drinks  like Snickers, glucose etc. (Mandatory)
  5. Camera (optional)
  6. Shoe with good grip (Mandatory)
  7. Sunscreen Lotion (Optional)
  8. Tissue papers (Avoid carrying plastic)

The Journey Starts: A group of 20 Bangalore Ascenders members decided to find this beautiful place on 12th July which was being lead by Vinay, on a cloudy Sunday morning. Four cars to help us reach our destination, we started around 7:30AM in the morning from Banashankari bus stop. Banashankari to Kanakapura is one of the beautiful road around Bangalore, one can travel. Continuously changing landscapes and the cool weather is bound to get you all energized. We stopped at the very famous “Vasu Hotel” in Kanakapura, known for their famous Masala Dosa. Dosa fried with Coconut oil was really nice. It was very filling too.

2From the town the hill is around 4-5km. Locals are the best GPS system if you are not sure of the way. At the base of the hill, there are few houses. The people staying in there actually take responsibility of climbing the hill. They demanded Forest Authority’s Permission to allow us to climb. This is mandatory for a big group. Thanks to corruption, we settled everything smoothly by paying few extra bucks to the old person. Since we were unaware of this, it took away a lot of our trek time. To watch the trail of trekkers in a single file walking towards the hill, looked like a team on a mission, and when we reached the first water source, a small pond at the base of the hill. There are few few rocky faces to climb, might look challenging for the first timers. There are few thorny plants also. Another few minutes climb, and we are on top of the hill. After having quick snacks we all have undergone a lengthy introduction session.10534134_10204692330976771_3748365892572302823_n While heading back, we took the opposite side of the hill and it didn’t feel like we had climbed a hill, pretty much a straight path. We were walking through a small valley between the hills. A nature trail, walking through the vegetation, small rocks forming natural steps to get down. The trail leads you to a small temple of the villagers, where that day few ceremonies were taking place.

From the temple the trail lead down to a pond, another picturesque location. It didn’t take much time to get down to the base of the hill. We boarded our cars and drove for 30 minutes to reach a moderate veg-restaurant. As we finished our trek before the scheduled time, it was too early to get back to Bangalore. We were, finding out other places to visit. Few girls in the team wanted to see the TK (Thottikallu) falls. After finishing lunch, we drove for around 30 minutes and took a right turn to reach TK falls which was absolute waste of time even during the monsoon season. A completely dry waterfall. Then we decided to go back to Bangalore. On the way, we stopped at “Adigas”. The final halt for the team. It’s always fun to watch friends in a group attacking food which leads to more laughter & fun. From there, we reached Banashankari bus stop in no time. From Banashankari, everyone started their journey towards home This was one of the shortest trek I have ever done. Still, we enjoyed a lot.

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