• Treknic Destination: Gokak & Godachinmalki Waterfalls
  • Visited On: 05th – 8th September 2014
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Visit: During Monsoon (July – September)
  • How to Reach: Number of trains goes to Gokak from Bangalore. Or one can change train from Hubli to Gokak. KSRTC buses are also available from Bangalore and Hubli.
  • Expenses : Rs. 1500/Head (Approximately)
  •  About: The Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha River in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. The Godachinmalki Falls is a waterfall located on Markandeya River in Belgaum district, Gokak Taluk, Karnataka, India. It is 15 kilometers away from Gokak and 40 kilometers from Belgaum. It is located in a deep green valley.

The Journey Starts: We couldn’t book Rani Chenamma Express from Bangalore which goes till Gokak through Tatkal due to rush. Ticket of 12 “Bangalore Ascenders” members was booked in the train “Golgumbaaz Exp.” which departs Bangalore City station at 6.30PM till Hubli. Some members boarded the train from Bangalore City Station. Me, Mohammad Rafi (Organiser), Nazma and Ramesh boarded from Yesvantpur. We met the other 8 people in the train and spent some good moment in knowing each other.


The train was on time and reached Hubli at 4.00AM the next day. We had some breakfast at Hubli station and got ready for the train Rani Chenamma Exp. This train was scheduled to leave Hubli station at 5.30AM. We had tickets for general compartment and the plan was to ask a TTE to convert those tickets so that we can board the reservation compartment. Train again came on time in Hubli. At first some of us boarded the general compartment. No empty seats there. In the mean time, couple of us conveyed a happy news got from TTE, that, we are boarding the reservation compartment. Ticket will be converted by paying the extra fair. We all rushed to the reservation compartment. It was almost vacant. Everyone took berth of their choice and had a good sleep. Woke up next morning with the call of Tea vendors and “Vada-Pao”. Had “Vada-pao” and tea in breakfast. Then we met an interesting person more closely. Ramesh who was travelling with us turned out to be an Ex-commander in a Navy Submarine. We heard some thrilling experience from him. That was a real lucky to travel with a person of that caliber. While listening all the thrilling stories, TTE passed us without recognizing and didn’t ask for the extra fare as he thought we have boarded the train from Bangalore only. We reached Gokak Station around 10AM on 06th September. From there we took private bus to reach Gokak waterfall for a fare of Rs.15/head. 10703620_756089431096516_3317285707514469034_nOnce reached the Gokak fall, one needs to take the Hanging Bridge to cross the river. It was magnificent waterfall. Crossing the fall through a hanging bridge was just awesome. Took photos while on the bridge. Once the river is crossed, we found a small temple on the right. Just beside the temple, we got down through an entrance to move towards the waterfall as close as possible. The view was magnificent from there. The roaring sound of water made it more thrilling. We had numerous photo shoot there as the spot was so nice to observe the fall closely. The valley where the river is crawling to reach it’s destination between the hills gives a serene feeling. Local vendors are available there. We had corn and masala muri ( puffed rice with masala). Then we crossed the hanging bridge again to move to earlier location. After getting down a little, one can be very close to the waterfall. The distance between you and the fall could be as less as 5 meter. Rafi took the entire individual’s photo separately so that one can use it as a Facebook profile picture. Then it started to rain suddenly. IMG_1623Wearing all rain gear, we visited a temple of Chalukya Dynasty near to the river only. We started our journey to find a camping spot. In between, we had our breakfast in the mill factory located nearby. Food was really good there. Locals are the best navigator in all areas. On asking few locals, we reached a spot. Then Rafi decided to trek down a moderate jungle for 15 minutes. Once reached the spot, we were all speechless. It seemed we are closer to the heaven. We all fixed our tent facing towards the waterfall to spend the night. One can see the gorgeous waterfall directly sitting inside the tent. It was windy then and started raining cats and dogs. In that, we arranged tarpaulin and put some heavy stones to stop it from flying away in the heavy wind. It’s time for cooking now …


Surprised to see a portable stove with a fuel which shapes like a coin. Some our team members took the responsibility of cooking and they did good in cooking popcorn, maggi, besibele bhaat and other south Indian dishes. Biscuit with milk-maid added flavor to it. We called Aashish as milk-maid man as he licked every drop of it without getting bothered about what others are saying… After a heavy continuous rainfall of 2 hours, the rain finally stopped. The water in the fall looking more gorgeous now as it has increased it’s volume due to rain. Again, number of photos taken in the evening and at night. The waterfall was nicely lit with halogen. At night, we all slept comfortably inside the tent using respective sleeping bags. Woke up early in the morning to experience the early morning view of the water fall. It was gorgeous as always. Some people responded to nature’s call in nature only. We have spent around 20 hours from day 1 in praising the waterfall from every possible angle. After admiring the fall for quite sometime in the morning, we planned to pack up and head towards the next destination after a short breakfast session.


We climbed up through the forest to reach the main road and had breakfast in a small shop. We hired a car (Force) and started our journey to the next destination “Godachinmalki waterfall”. It took 30 minutes to reach there. Once reached, we had to walk between cultivation fields at first to reach the river. After walking for 5 minutes, we could hear the roaring sound of the waterfall. After another 5minutes, we met the river building up for a fall. We started walking further keeping the river on the right. It was nice experience, you and the river going side by side. After travelling a short distance, we finally reached the waterfall. I was astonished to see the breath and intensity of the fall. More astonishing is, tourist was so close to the fall. It was quite risky, but also an experience of a lifetime. Surrounding rocky terrain and gorge added flavor to it. View was magnificent. Sound of the water was roaring, water sprinkle which is flowing with the wind will mesmerize you. Never been so close to a waterfall ever. From quite a long time, we were planning to take a bath in the water. It’s impossible to take bath in the fall, but one can take bathIMG_1727 in the river where it is building up for a fall. We headed back a bit and all didn’t waste much time to change and splash in the water on finding a good location to bath. Water was cool and refreshing. Enjoyed a lot there. After a nice bath, we boarded the same hired cab and reached Gokak station well in advance. We had to pay Rs. 800 to the cab driver for taking extra time. It took an hour to reach to the Gokak station. On the way to Gokak station you will find many picturesque Banyan tree which will definitely draw your attention.  Once reached Gokak, we had lunch at local shop just outside of the station. After lunch, Some of us spent time in playing cards while waiting for the train.


Train was late in reaching the station by half an hour. We boarded the Rani Chenamma Express from Gokak around 5.45PM. Had fun in train also. I bought a famous local sweet “Kunda” from the train vendor. It tastes amazing. After having dinner in the train, we reached Yesvantpur next morning (8th September) around 6AM. From there, all took their individual way to reach home. It was a breathtaking experience of camping, experiencing two waterfalls, cooking in nowhere, experience in the train, experience on Submarine stories and facts…It was quite an offbeat location. It is really a beautiful place and it is a must visit for all adventure lovers as well as occasional wanderers….

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