• Trek Destination: Shivagange
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Trek Distance/Time Taken: 4 Km / 90 minutes
  • Time to Visit: Any time except monsoon. Avoid rainy months as it makes the granite rocks very slippery and dangerous. Every year on Sankranti, a Jatre is organized and the place is swarming with people. If you are planning to indulge in adventure activity like trekking, it is better to avoid Shivgange during this time also.
  • How To Reach: Shivagange is about 55 km from Bangalore near Dobbaspet Village. Bangalore – Tumkur Road – Nelamangala – Right to Hassan Road – Solur – Right turn to Shivagange.

There are two routes to reach the base of this destination from Bangalore. One is Bangalore-Hassan route, which is known to be less crowded. The alternate route is via Dabbaspet. Shivagange is 8 km from Dobbaspet on the way to Tumkur. Board any bus from Bangalore that is going towards Dobbaspet. Reaching Dobbaspet, take an auto or you can take a local bus that regularly plies between Dobbaspet and Shivagange. One can also go by train from Bangalore City Station till Dobbaspet. The train departs from Bangalore City Station in the morning at 7.15AM

  • Other Options: Pay & Use toilet available at the foot of the hill.
  •  About: Shivagange is also known as “Dakshina Kashi”, located just 60 km from Bangalore. Shivagange has religious significance and it is also known for adventure. Atop the hill and on the trekking route there are numerous shrines of Shiva, Parvathi, and Ganga, including Gangadhareshwara temple and Honnadevi temple.According to myths, the water is from sacred Ganges, thus it has been named Shivagange. From the west, Shivagange looks like the shape of a Shiva Linga. While from east, it looks like the shape of a bull, a cobra from the North, and from East, a Ganesha.At the peak, there is a beautifully carved monolith of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s Bull, perched on a huge rock.
  • Suggestion: Be careful of monkeys. Don’t feed them.
  • Pack Bag with –
  1. 2 litres of water (Mandatory)
  2. Raincoat/Poncho (During monsoon)
  3. Cap/Hat
  4. High energy-giving food & drinks  like Snickers, glucose etc. (Mandatory)
  5. Camera (optional)
  6. Shoe with good grip (Mandatory)
  7. Sunscreen Lotion (Optional)
  8. Tissue papers (Avoid carrying plastic)
  • Our Journey Starts: I started at 6:00 AM from my home on Saturday morning and reached Bangalore City railway station by 7:00AM.

There I met with all BTC members. Then, we hopped into a train to Dobbaspet. The train stopped on every station on the way to Dobbaspet which is only 45KM away from Bangalore. It took around 90 minutes to reach Dobbaspet. While in train, we involved ourselves with some fun activity. Finally, we reached Dobbaspet at around 9:15am. We all were getting down from one exit only as a result it was taking time. The Station Master was waiting patiently for us to get down. Once we all got down safely, he signaled the train to move once again. The station was a very small one. We had a short introduction round there. Then moved out of the station for auto. 20 of us got into 2 autos. Once we reached the foot of the hill, we gathered at a small shop for breakfast. Food was nice there. Once breakfast is done, we started our trek. While climbing, don’t keep any food/anything outside as monkey might snatch it away. In the beginning, we climbed few stairs; it was same as any other Hindu temple. But once we ???????????????????????????????came out in the open, we saw steep rocks. So, rather than taking the usual path we started ascending from the rocks. But later, we moved to the usual path as the direction as the rocks started getting steeper. We started climbing and the monkeys started coming on our way. Near to the top, the rocks become very steep and one can find very narrow steps engraved on the rock. Many a times, one has to hold the railing to move forward. While climbing, you will find few shops selling soft-drinks, chips, sweet-corn etc. You may take ???????????????????????????????breather seating in the shades along with a Coke. We reached the peak by 12:00pm. It took exactly one and half hour of quite exhausting trek due to the heat of the sun to reach the top. The view from top is really worth watching and “Nandi” at the top its attraction. It is also called as “Shantala” – believed to be the suicide point of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana’s wife Shantala. The view was magnificent from top. The gusty wind will take away all your pain which IMG_0665 you have faced while climbing all the way. The view, the wind, will embark desire in your mind to go for a trek once again. Finally, we started to climb down at 1.30PM . We reached base within 1 hour. From there we boarded a local bus. We reached the town had some lunch there and again took an auto to go to the Dobbaspet Station. Once we reached the station, it started raining heavily. Some of us still giving pose in the rain for photo shoot. Finally the train arrived at 4.15 and we boarded the train to reach Bangalore. There was no vacant seat at the beginning. Later we ???????????????????????????????got seat. We reached the Bangalore City Station. We all decided to take bus from Majestic. So we all are moving in a herd. Once we came out of the station, we decided to drink a cup of coffee. After having a nice filtered coffee, we boarded bus to reach our own destination, i.e. Home Sweet Home. Overall it’s a nice trekking experience. And for the first time, I joined a group like BTC. It was a fun and adventurous Saturday which is hard to forget…

Click Here Too See all The Pics of Shivagange Trek


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