1. Trek Destination: Rayakottai
  2. Visited on: 24th August 2014
  3. Difficulty: Easy
  4. Trek Distance/Time Taken: 90 minutes (One way)
  5. Time to Visit: The cooler months of September to February are the best time to trek in Rayakottai as it can get very hot in summer days, and should be avoided. This trek can be done during monsoon also.
  6. How To Reach: The best way to reach Rayakottai from Bangalore is by train from Bangalore City Junction (Majestic).
  7. Other Options: There is a temple on the hill which could be a point for having packet-lunch and to take rest in shade.
  8. About: The fort of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali ruled in the 18th Century is situated within the town of Rayakottai which is one of the ancient fortress in the Krishnagiri district. It is now one of the protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India
  9. Estimated Cost: Rs. 100 – Rs. 200 Per Head
  10. Packed Bag with –
  • 2 litres of water (Mandatory)
  • Raincoat/Poncho (During monsoon)
  • Cap/Hat
  • High energy-giving food & drinks  like Snickers, glucose etc. (Mandatory)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Shoe
  • Sunscreen Lotion (Optional)
  • Tissue papers (Avoid carrying plastic)

The Journey Starts:

My second trek with BTC. This time with 15 members. We met at Bangalore City Junction (Majestic) at 6.45AM. That time, I only found Deepthy and Ashwin ( Organizing trek for the first time) standing. Gradually all people started to come. We all boarded a non-reservation train “Bangalore-Karaikal Passenger” which was scheduled to leave at 7.15AM. All of them arrived except Nisha, and the train has just started moving from the station. Suddenly saw “Nisha” running all the way to board the train. It reminded me of the movie “DDLJ”, though there was no “Shahrukh Khan” here. She managed to board the train of her own. Brave girl. The journey was fun discussing on almost every possible topic on earth.

4After quite a long journey, reached Rayakottai station at 9.45AM (Train was late by 30 minutes). We then switched platform, had a small introduction session and then started our journey towards Rayakottai town. Once we reached there after a walk of 10 minutes taking right from the station main road, we had a nice breakfast with Poha, Plain Dosa and Tea in a moderate hotel. After having a good breakfast, we started to move towards the trek-base. It was a hot and sunny day in the month of August. Some bought extra bottles of water and cucumber on the way.

We reached the base after a walk of 10 minutes from the town. We started to climb. It has stairs made out of stones in the


beginning. Then the actual trail starts. Deepthy was leading from the front and Ashwin was Sweeping from the back. After climbing some distance, we found an intersection, one way going to the left and another one to the right. We took the left trail first and reached a temple. The place is cool and shady. It is a departed Shiva temple. After capturing some breath-taking photos, we then again came back at the point of intersection. This time, we took the path going to the right. Being an easy trek, you will move to the top without much struggle. Once at the top, explore the ruins of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali’s fort. From there you can still climb further till the top-most point of the hill. View is lovely from this spot. I took a video in 360 degree view. It was not quite windy though at such a height.

In the mean time, all were quite tired and hungry. We had packed lunch of “Lemon Rice” taken earlier from the hotel where we had 1lunch. Now we climbed down and went back to the same old temple. We relaxed a bit there and had a good lunch. After lunch, some took a quick nap. I am very jealous about this, as I cannot sleep easily anywhere and anytime. I was all awake and spent the time doing macro photography.

We started to climb down to the base at 2.30PM and reached base by 3.00PM. It should not take more than an hour to reach base from the top-most point. We were very thirsty after a trek in the scorching sun. All finished their bottled water and started fantasizing lemonade and other cooling stuffs. We finally went to a small lemonade shop and quenched our thirsts.

Then we reached Rayakottai station to take train for Bangalore. At the 3station entrance, lots of vendors were selling vegetables in a low price. Some of our smart people got busy in buying vegetables. We were about to board “Karaikal-Bangalore Passenger” for Bangalore which was scheduled at 4.07PM. But again the train was late by approximately 30 minutes. While waiting for the train at the station, it started to rain heavily. Gourav took out a Poncho for himself, which he accurately didn’t knew what exactly was that as it was huge plastic coat which can be worn by two people together. Ankit put a bag-cover to protect his bag from the rain, however he himself was dancing in the rain without a rain-coat or an umbrella, and enjoyed the most in the rain.

Finally the train came around 4.40PM. We rushed in once the train stopped and was expected, didn’t find any available seats to seat. Got seats after half an hour though. Deepthy and Ankit did well to cut Guava and distribute among us in the crowded compartment.

Finally we reached majestic (Bangalore) at 7.10PM . It was a lovely trekking experience.

Click Here To See All Pics of Rayakottai Trek


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