1. Destination: Aero India Air Show 2015, Yelahanka Air Force station, Bangalore, India
  2. Time Of Event: Biennial (Bi-annual)
  3. Visited On: 21st February 2015 ( 9AM to 1PM )
  4. Timing: 9AM to 1PM & 1PM to 5PM
  5. About: It is the second largest air show of the world after Paris air show.The tenth edition of Aero India was held from 18th to 22nd February 2015. The main attraction of this year was the Make in India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the show and mentioned that its easier for Public, private and foreign investors to manufacture defense equipment in India. A total of 72 aircraft were part of the air show.A total of 11 foreign military aircraft on display, out of which a majority of them from the United states including two F-15C Eagles, two F-16C Fighting Falcons, one Boeing KC-135 tanker, one C-17 Globemaster III and a P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft.

The Show: IMG_2877IMG_2869IMG_2802IMG_2805IMG_2792IMG_2905IMG_2904IMG_2895IMG_2813IMG_2818IMG_2911 CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL PICS OF THE AIR SHOW


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