1. Destination: Goa, India
  2. Visited on: July 11th & 12th 2015
  3. Peak Season: November – January
  4. Suggestion: Hire a 2-wheller to roam around Goa. Visit Goa during New year if you are a party freak
  5. How To Reach:
  • By Flight– Number of flights available for Goa from various parts.
  • By Bus – KSRTC operates daily bus to Goa from Bangalore.

About: Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Its long history as a Portuguese colony prior to 1961 is evident in its preserved 16th-century churches and the area’s tropical spice plantations. Goa is also known for its majestic beaches.


Our Journey Starts:

I, Anindita, Abhishek and Doel planned to visit north Goa during monsoon. Abhishek and Doel reached Goa on July 10th. I and Anindita boarded Air Asia from Bangalore at 6.20AM and reached Goa at 7.30AM on 11th July. Prepaid taxi counters are available at the airport premises. Booked a prepaid taxi to reach Goa. The taxi was a basic Maruti Omni. It took around 90 minutes to reach Baga beach from the airport.

Hotel Bonanza was pre-booked through I highly recommend this hotel for all travelers as it is in a transit point. Very near to Baga beach and famous Tito’s lane. Hotel owners were also very courteous and helpful. We dumped our bags in our room. I went out instantly to hire a bike. Hired a Yamaha FZ for Rs. 900 for 2 days. Abhishek travelled from Kolkata to Goa by bike. Doel travelled from Kolkata to Goa by flight. So we 4 of us are all set for a bike trip in north Goa.

Anjuna Beach

The first beach we visited was Anjuna beach. It took around 15 minutes to reach there from hotel near Baga beach. I personally didn’t like this beach much as it was crowded and quite rocky. Abhishek took a dip in the sea by then. Till Anjuna, rain was our companion; however, it reduced drastically later in the day.

From Anjuna, we went to Vagator beach. This beach is really serene. One can see the Chapora fort over a hill from the beach where the Hindi movie “Dil Chahta Hai” shooting took place. One can climb till Chapora from the pathways leading from the beach. Or one can take a bike and go very near to the Chapora fort. We went by bike and climbed the hill for 10 minutes to reach the fort. Need to say, this is just the remaining of a fort and offers lovely view of the sea from a great height where sea waves looks like big bubbles floating on the beach. We spent quite a time there, and photographed all cherishable moments. By then we were hungry. Stopped our bike at a nearby restaurant and ate fish and chips. Liquor is available in almost every shop.Chapora fortView from Chapora fort

Then we drove 30 minutes to reach Calangute beach. Calangute beach was again crowded and the sea waves are stronger. After spending some time there, we moved back to our hotel, freshened up and went out to have dinner on Baga sea beach. This is a lovely experience. All the shacks arranged tables and chairs on the sea beach with a lantern on it and serving some delicious food with a complimentary view of the sea. Experienced for the first time, an open air dinner on the sea beach. Anybody visiting Goa, must try King Fish masala fry.Calangute Waves

We were back at the hotel by midnight. One may find lot of traffic at midnight heading towards Tito’s lane for pubs and discotheques. Next day, I and Anindita woke up early in the morning, whereas, Abhishek and Doel were still sleeping. We went out straight to the Baga beach. There was hardly any crowd in morning. Had a lovely breakfast in famous Britto’s, which is again located on the Baga sea beach offering views of the sea. I couldn’t resist myself from taking a bath there. After a refreshing bath, we headed back to hotel and freshened up. By this time, Abhishek and Doel are ready for our next adventure.

On the 2nd day, we headed towards fort Aguada. On the way, a person stopped us and offered a card. If you are lucky, on scratching a part of the card, you may get an i-phone, or a TV, or a promotional tour of their hotel. Both the time, we guys didn’t have any luck. But the girls scratched to win a free 1 hour tour of their hotel. Post visit; they will give a discount voucher of their hotel. I would suggest, not to fall under this promotion, unless if you are already bored in Goa and want to spend 60 minutes in taking a trip inside a hotel premises.Fort Aguada

Abhishek and Doel were interested and they went for a hotel trip. I would say this again, a hotel trip in Goa. During this time, as per our hotel owner’s suggestion. I and Anindita went to a local restaurant next to a river. Tried tasty authentic Goanese food. Tried king fish masala fry once again along with some other small fishes with curry and rice.

After a filling lunch, we met them near the hotel and moved ahead towards fort Aguada. This is a fort which has a light-house. After visiting the fort, we reached Aguada beach. This is not really a beach, but an elevated construction made of boulders. But the view of the sea was nice from there. One, who can afford, can opt for 5 star hotel Taj Vivanta located just next to it.DSC08042

From there, we moved to Candolim beach. It took 15 minutes to reach there by bike. It is quite a secluded beach and the best beach of North Goa if you are looking for some peaceful moments. There is a lovely shack too on the beach. The shack is equipped with a pole for pole dance. Don’t be too late to come out of the Candolim beach, as you may not find your way back in the dark. This was exactly what happened with us. With lot of struggle and Anindita sacrificing half a pair of sandal to the sea accidentally, we managed to find our way back. From Candolim beach, it took 30 minutes to reach our hotel in Baga.Candolim beach

Again, we went out to the beach for dinner. After dinner, we went to a discotheque “Café Mambo’s”. ”Tito’s Club” and “Café Mambo’s” are the famous discotheques in Goa just because they are the first one to get this thing in Goa. Don’t keep high expectations out of it. I found “Café Mambo’s” staffs to be quite rude and arrogant. Try going Saturday instead of any other days.

Finally we returned hotel after midnight. Abhishek and Doel decided to extend their stay by another day. Whereas, as per our plan, I and Anindita had to take an early morning flight. After a lot of struggle, I managed to wake up and took Air-Asia flight at 08.05 AM to reach Bangalore at 09.15AM.

Goa is also good for shopping. Trendy dresses are available for girls at a very low price.

This was a rapid trip, though not hectic. Goa should be an ideal destination for people looking for fun and wants to reveal their daemon out of them. 🙂


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