1. Destination: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary & KRS Backwater, Karnataka, India
  2. Visited on: December 13th 2015
  3. Peak Season: Winter (December – February)
  4. How To Reach:
  • Car/bike – One can reach this sanctuary by own car/bike or by any hired vehicle

About: Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is in Mandya district of Karnataka, India. It is the largest bird sanctuary of Karnataka. It is located 3 Km away from historic town Srirangapatna and 16 Km north of Mysore.

Our Journey Starts:

Visiting Ranganathittu bird sanctuary in winter was in my plan for quite a long time. This time, Bangalore Adventurers organized an event to visit this sanctuary. Without wasting any time, I and Anindita registered for the event. We met with the group in front of Decathlon at Mysore road at 6.30AM. We were a group of 9 people including I, Anindita, Narendra, Kushagra, Sandeep, Vijay, Raju and the organizer Sachin. After a short introduction, we started our journey in Sachin and Narendra’s car.After half an hour, we made a halt for breakfast. The place is renowned for Thatte Idli. Food was amazing there. After a heavy breakfast, we boarded the cabs and started our uninterrupted journey towards the sanctuary.DSC_4307

We crossed historical town Srirangapatna on the way and reached Mandya. After a journey of total 3 hours, we reached sanctuary. The sanctuary is being monitored by the forest department. After paying an entry charge of Rs. 60 per head, we went inside and parked our car. Quickly, we went to a bird watching view-point where we observed birds like Storks, Pelican etc are breeding and enjoying the hot winter climate. We all captured the flying moments of this birds.DSC_4588

Then we decided to go for a boat ride which costs Rs. 60 per head or one can hire the entire boat for Rs. 1000 which accommodates around 15 people. The boat ride was the best part of this trip. We took a closer view of all the birds that migrate all the way and reach here. The water is also infested with crocodiles. Never been so close to live crocodiles. Seen crocodiles taking a sun-bath (lol) from a distance of 2 feet. We were provoking Kushagra to put hand in the water and feel the cold water. It is one of the best places to see all sorts of colorful birds including Kingfisher. We also got a breath-taking view of Storks and Pelicans catching fish from Kaveri Lake in the flight.

Photo of Crocodile taken from boat ride

After a successful boat ride, we walked around inside the sanctuary. Total activity took around 2 hours. Then we moved out and headed towards Balmuri waterfall. It is situated at a distance of 30 minutes from the sanctuary. It is called a waterfall, but it is actually a stream with a drop of only 2 feet. Vijay, who was very interested in seeing a waterfall actually got syked seeing that. Narendra and Kushagra took a bath there.

Balmuri Fall

From there, we headed back to the Mysore road and stopped our car in a nice restaurant for lunch. After having good lunch, we started our journey towards KRS backwater. We reached there after a journey of 30 minutes. It is located very close to Brindavan gardens. KRS backwater is being enclosed by the KRS dam. Huge Venugopala swamy temple just next to the backwater added charm to the place. The temple is still undergoing construction. After taking many pictures around the backwater, we went inside the temple. The temple is enormous and sculptured beautifully. One can witness sunset there if staying till evening. Raju, Narendra, Kushagraha and Sachin again took bath there.

Venugopala Swamy Temple at KRS Backwater

By this time, all were tired of the scorching sun and wanted to head back home. We boarded cabs and came to a halt near the sanctuary again as it was on the way back. We calculated all expenses and shared equally. Later, we gathered around and shared our positive feedback as there was no negative feedback to share after such a wonderful trip.

Hunting Fish

We boarded the cab again and headed back home. On the way, we stopped for 15 minutes for tea break. I moved from Sachin’s car to Narendra’s car so that he can drop us at Silk board crossing which will be on their way. Similarly, Vijay, who was in Narendra’s car moved to Sachin’s car. After saying ‘Adieu” to all, we headed towards Silk board. Narendra had some great collection of music and played in the car. On the way, we again met Sachin and his co passengers near Banashankari which was quite a coincidence. As we all do not know the way to reach Silk board, we started to follow Google map. Due to some wrong turning or whatsoever, the map is always showing the way through “Niece: road which we didn’t want to follow. After a lot of confusion and with the help of Anindita and Kushagra’s navigation skills, we reached Silk board. Narendra and Kushagra headed towards a Dhaba in search of “Naan”. I and Anindita headed back home from Silk board.DSC_4585

It was a wonderful trip. I personally enjoyed the sanctuary and the backwater a lot. Will definitely look forward for any such events organized by Sachin or Raju or by the Bangalore Adventurers team.


  • Try “Thatte idli” on the way
  • Carry spare clothes for taking bath in Balmuri falls and KRS backwater
  • Kindly follow no trace policy and save mother earth.




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