1. Destination: South Goa (Colva and Palolem), India
  2. Visited on: February 14th 2017 – February 16th 2017
  3. Peak Season: November to January
  4. How To Reach:
  • By Train – There are trains going till Margao. From there, one needs to hire a cab or auto rickshaw to reach South Goa
  • By Bus – KSRTC Volvo buses are available from Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune which goes directly to Margao and Panaji.

About: Goa is a state in India within the coastal region known as the Konkan in western India. Bounded by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south. The Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Clarifying confusion between North and South Goa: Goa is a quite a big place and segmented into North and South Goa. People often get confused between North and South Goa .

As per my experience, South Goa has some piscine beaches and not at all crowded. South Goa is visited mostly by foreigners. South Goa famous beaches includes – Colva, Palolem and Agonda beaches, Colva is pretty crowded though. But Colva is the hub of all water activities in South Goa.

Whereas, North Goa beaches are very crowded and hub of all party freaks and visited mostly by Indians. North Goa famous beaches includes – Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna. Calangute and Baga beaches are heavily crowded. Candolim beach is again secluded.  Calangute beach exhibits strong sea waves. In North Goa, Calangute is the hub of all water activities.   

Check My Journey To North Goa

Our Journey Starts:

This was probably my last trip from Bangalore as I have got a new job in my home-town Kolkata and would be moving back to Kolkata from Bangalore in about a week. Before that, we planned for a vacation in South Goa.  I and Anindita boarded the KSRTC double-axle Volvo bus (Airavat) from Majestic Bus station which departed at 8.30PM. The journey was very comfortable, though we had to change a bus on the way because the bus we boarded started malfunctioning. KSRTC replaced the bus within 15 minutes. Reached Margao next day morning on 14th February 2017 around 9.00 AM. We had a hotel booked for Colva. The cab was very expensive. So we boarded a bus from Margao bus stand and reached Colva beach after a journey of 1 hour. Cab takes around 15 minutes to reach there. We booked hotel Colva Residency in Colva. It is a Goa govt. hotel. Cheap and value for money. The bus stopped right next to the hotel.dsc_2437

Once we checked in to the hotel, the view from the balcony was beautiful. Freshened up a bit and moved out to the beach which is just a minute away from the hotel .We got into a shack on the beach. I took a Kingfisher beer with king fish masala fry. Anindita took a mocktail. We completed our lunch there. While sitting in the shack (Restaurant on beach), we spotted all the various water sports being conducted there. We decided to go for “Wench-parasailing” (Only parasailing is just a 1 minute activity, conducted over the beach and a complete waste of money) by paying Rs 700/head. We got into a boat which took inside the sea and got transferred into a bigger boat. I was the first person to do the wench-parasailing. I was hooked up with a parachute and released. In a moment, I started floating in the sky and panorama view from the top was magnificent. I asked them to dip me in water in advance, which was charged extra at Rs. 300/head. I took a dip in the water (Not a head dip) while the parachute was on and again went up into the sky when the speed of the boat was increased. Anindita was too scared to try that. In the end, she did it perfectly fine.


We came back from the adventure sport and changed our dresses as it got wet during the water dip in the wench parasailing. After a quick change, we rushed to the beach and observed a beautiful sun-set. Colva is the only place in south goa where one can witness a perfect sunset, i.e. the sun dipping into the sea. After watching the beautiful sunset, we took a walk on the beach. Later, took a seat in a shack. In the evening, the dining arrangement was outside, i.e. on the beach. We completed our candle-lit dinner. Also tried Hookah (Shisha) there. Went back to the hotel and was all set to wake up early next morning for a morning walk on the beach.

Sun-set in Colva

In the morning, we went to the beach around 7 AM. Walked through the long–stretched beach and collected sea-shells. Our sumptuous breakfast was part of the hotel tariff. Witnessed, Colva has equal number of Indians and foreigners. We planned to stay in Colva for 1 night only. So we packed our bags and hired a shared taxi and reached Palolem in 90 minutes. A local couple helped us in getting a shared taxi.

We planned 2 nights for Palolem. Once we reached there, One can go the left or right in search of hotel. Left side has most hotels and because of that more tourists. Whereas, the right side has less hotels (In compare to the left side) and less tourists also. Without knowing this fact, we started walking on the right side through the beach in search of an accommodation. There are many hotels right on the beach offering breath-taking view of the endless sea from room. After checking few hotels, we checked-in “Hotel Brendon”. The AC cottages on the first floor was compact and nice. Most importantly, the view was magnificent.

Beautiful Palolem Beach

Palolem beach is not at all crowded and visited mostly by foreigners. We finished our lunch in a shack and took a bath in the sea. In between, took a refreshing sip of Kingfisher beer. In the evening, we went to the further right of the beach and found it was very peaceful. Food was tasty both in Colva and Palolem. Next morning, 16th February 2017, we explored the right side of the beach thoroughly and found so many yoga classes being conducted on the beach. I bought a bottle of Royal Stag (Good Indian whisky in a budget) from a nearby liquor shop and spent the afternoon in my balcony seeing the end-less sea. Found few people practicing juggling and few taking a kayaking ride.

In the evening, we though of exploring the left side of the beach. After walking for some time, we were about to witness the sunset. I realized, I forgot my camera tripod and it’s almost time for sunset. As I wanted to shoot a time-lapse video, I rushed to my room, grabbed my tripod and reached the destination on time .Left side of Palolem beach offers better view of sunset, though nothing like sunset in Colva. After taking pictures, we spent the evening walking on the beach. Completed our dinner in the shack where we were staying.

Sun-set in Palolem

Next morning, 17th February 2017, after taking a jog on the beach, we decided to go for a sight-seeing tour of Dolphin. After quite a bargain, the boat-men agreed for a rate of Rs. 300 per head. The entire sight-seeing trip took 90 minuites. We boarded the speed-boat and the navigator took us to a place where we can easily spot dolphins. Spotted dolphins playing in the water (Don’t expect it to jump over your head). The spot is located between Palolem beach and Agonda beach. So, the dolphin sighting is also conducted from Agonda beach.

Dolphin sighting

On the way back, we stopped by Honeymoon beach. It is a very small secluded beach. Still found some tourists taking sea-bath there (Mostly foreigners). After a halt of 15 mins, we boarded the boat again, and boat-men took us to the Butterfly beach. It is again a small secluded beach between two hills. This time, there was no halt. Just spotted it on the go. Once we reached to the shore, the dolphin sighting and also the boat-ride was very refreshing.

Our trip almost came to an end. Instead of hiring an expensive taxi, we boarded a local bus and reached Margao bus stop in 90 minutes. From there, we boarded KSRTC Volvo bus around 7PM and reached Bangalore next morning with lots of happy memories and clear mind.


  • Smoking is not allowed in public in Colva
  • Go for “wench-parasailing” and not just “parasailing”. Both costs same
  • Margao will be the suitable stop instead of Panjim if visiting South Goa
  • Cabs will be very expensive. Always do bargain. May opt for local bus if available
  • Hotel prices during season may get double.
  • One may hire a bike to roam around Goa. South Goa has some beautiful churches
  • Kindly follow no trace policy and save mother earth.



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